Enforce your right as a parent to protect your family

In today’s world, when it comes to protecting the well-being of our children, many parents just like you are faced with an onslaught of media competing for the attention of their young minds. This is not just sexual content, violence and language, we’re talking about. Your kids are being fed innuendos, subliminal messages, indoctrination and social conditioning like never before in history. Filtering services like VidAngel allow you to pre-edit (skip over parts you choose) movies and TV shows giving you peace of mind about what your children are exposed to.

Right now there is another battle waging behind the scenes, and its outcome will directly affect your rights as a parent. Four Hollywood studios (Disney—along with Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, and Lucasfilm) have entered in legal battles with VidAngel, in a case that is sure to set a precedent for the future of the filtering industry. This is not the first time Hollywood has strongly opposed filtering services. After all, they were against the Family Movie Act (FMA), a law designed to empower parents and enable filtering services. The #SaveFiltering petition exists to enforce your right to choose how your family consumes content in the privacy of your own home before Hollywood takes it away.

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How You Can Make A Difference 

You're not alone! Over 125,000 of you have already signed the petition. Many of you have stated that without VidAngel, you simply would not consume content from these studios. We know that there are hundreds of thousands of you out there and we need your collective voices to be heard! Here's how you can help immediately:

  1. Add your signature the petition below to enforce your right as a parent to protect your children.
  2. Share the petition to all of your friends, family and sphere of influence, it affects them too!
  3. Donate to the cause. 100% of donations go towards creating awareness for this cause.


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    Amy Asper
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    adam j anderton
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    Sign the petition: #SAVEFILTERING
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    To whom it may concern:

    As a homeschooling family, video filtering is very important to my family. Not because we are oh-so-holy, but because the historical material we cover is broad. For example, the movie Gladiator: this historical piece brings to life the politics, entertainment, and prison system of the ancient Roman Empire that we studied last year. However, the incestuous relationship portrayed in the movie is not material that my children need to be exposed to.

    Another example is Last of the Mohicans: my middle school aged sons read the book, and were allowed to watch the movie as a reward. Their imaginations see the book and its action differently than an adult director and the intense gore of the battle scenes would be a distraction to the story line and character development. By watching with filters, they were able to see that their favorite scene from the book wasn’t in the movie and various elements were chronologically misplaced. Had they watched without filters, the gore would have become the centerpiece.

    Or, the Jesse Owens film, Race: my athletic young men have much to look up to in Jesse Owens’s story, and while the coach in the movie is to be admired in many ways, his use of the English language leaves much to be desired. We aren’t in the habit of using four letter expletives in our family and don’t wish our children to learn them from the movies they watch. Without filtering, my family would not be able to watch this great biographical drama together.

    There are many movies that my family would not watch without filtering. We are grateful to Vidangel for this service, and thrilled with what their service provides to our family!
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    Is Hollywood REALLY trying to outlaw the mute button? C’mon Disney! Stop trying to contract around the law. You can’t go to every streaming service and forbid them from doing business with Vidangel. It’s not good business. It’s not American. It’s not in the interest of free enterprise.
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    Sign the petition: #SAVEFILTERING
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    Sign the petition: #SAVEFILTERING
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    As a religious family, we would NOT watch 90% of the movies we are able to filter on VidAngel. With 4 kids all under age 5, bleeping out name calling and OMG has been the main reason they’ve been able to watch some of the cartoons offered on VidAngel as well. I love this service and openly support it!
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    As a professional content creator in the film and video industry, I value the work that goes into film and video production. I am an actor, producer, and director that understands the ownership and investment that we put into our projects. So much so that I am very aware and considerate to the viewers that view my work that I avoid offensive or objectionable material as much as possible.

    I am a lover of good cinematic material and visual story telling. However, “Hollywood” has been a double edged sword for those of us who like to be entertained by a good story, but not soiled by the language and inappropriate images that can accompany them. I am not a viewer of content with excessive language, “mature” themes, or nudity as would be found in Rated “R” movies, but I do like many middle of the road, PG-13 and below rated movies.

    As parents, my wife and I have occasionally watched some movies with our kids with the mute button and fast forward button on hand to skip certain scenes from films we have pre-viewed. I was so excited to find a service like VidAngel to assist us in our choices.

    I like the FREEDOM to remove content from a film that I feel is objectionable and still be able to watch the movie as a whole. VidAngel give me the right to choose what I hear and pass along to my children. Without this service, I would have watched less content, thus reducing the income that film makers make through this service.

    I would support making this service available to families like ours that avoids objectionable material in all our entertainment choices.

    Thank you,

    Russ and Karen

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    Your service is incredible and would hate to see you shut down!
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