Enforce your right as a parent to protect your family

In today’s world, when it comes to protecting the well-being of our children, many parents just like you are faced with an onslaught of media competing for the attention of their young minds. This is not just sexual content, violence and language, we’re talking about. Your kids are being fed innuendos, subliminal messages, indoctrination and social conditioning like never before in history. Filtering services like VidAngel allow you to pre-edit (skip over parts you choose) movies and TV shows giving you peace of mind about what your children are exposed to.

Right now there is another battle waging behind the scenes, and its outcome will directly affect your rights as a parent. Four Hollywood studios (Disney—along with Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, and Lucasfilm) have entered in legal battles with VidAngel, in a case that is sure to set a precedent for the future of the filtering industry. This is not the first time Hollywood has strongly opposed filtering services. After all, they were against the Family Movie Act (FMA), a law designed to empower parents and enable filtering services. The #SaveFiltering petition exists to enforce your right to choose how your family consumes content in the privacy of your own home before Hollywood takes it away.

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You're not alone! Over 125,000 of you have already signed the petition. Many of you have stated that without VidAngel, you simply would not consume content from these studios. We know that there are hundreds of thousands of you out there and we need your collective voices to be heard! Here's how you can help immediately:

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  2. Share the petition to all of your friends, family and sphere of influence, it affects them too!
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    I love vidangel and hope we can continue to watch filtered movies
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    1. How important is movie filtering for you and your family, and why?

    As a Christian, I believe cursing is morally wrong. Words mean things by definition AND implication, and even non-Christians admit that certain words are somehow hurtful to the hearer (i.e. the rating system of movies). Certain words have sexual meanings that go against biblical values, and other words blaspheme that which we hold sacred, for example. In addition, I do not allow my children to say these words.

    I know that my argument is purely anecdotal, but I have seen people “slip” and let out a curse word, and make the excuse that they heard it so much on TV, they did not notice it come out of their own mouth after a while. It may not stand up in court, but it’s common sense: we are affected by what we see and hear. If I do not want to participate in what I believe is morally wrong, I do not want to expose myself to it, either.

    Movie filtering is essential to me and my family in order to allow us some clean entertainment without compromising our personal values.

    2. Are there movies you wouldn’t watch if VidAngel filtering didn’t exist?

    It seems that almost every movie (including PG) includes words and scenes that go against my Christian values. I do not watch shows that take God’s name in vain multiple times, nor do I watch movies that have excessive cursing (say, more than 4 or 5 expletives), which, to me, is too immersive. Maybe it sounds hypocritical to even allow ANY, but I’m making a personal judgment call on the difference between exposing and immersing. My line for “immersion” will be far different than others, but I LOVE the option to remove all instances of certain words and scenes so as not to worry about what I will be exposed to or immersed in. For me, almost every movie is too immersive, so—yes, there are several movies I would not watch if it were not for VidAngel.

    3. Do the studios make a fair argument when they say that if you object to the content of a movie, you simply shouldn’t watch it? Please explain.

    I am in no way undermining the artist’s art by not appreciating every piece of it. Each person’s palette is different, and each person has personal tastes. I feel I should be allowed to express my own personal tastes without interference. In addition, I believe I can still appreciate the art of a movie even without watching or hearing every word that was put into the art. Film editors do the hard work of cutting out that which they do not believe works toward making the movie a great experience for the viewer, but they ARE cutting. And by cutting, they are improving the work. Someone might argue that the real masterpiece of a movie is in all the unedited raw footage, but that is ludicrous (unless, of course, he really does believe that’s where the beauty lies) by most people’s standards. Movie editors object to a LOT of content in a movie, so they cut it out to make the movie better. However, an editing team is only representation of a small portion of people. VidAngel takes the edits a step further by allowing the the end user to make value-based edits in order to make the experience better for themselves, therefore generating a bigger fan base, therefore generating more sales, therefore generating more revenue, etc.

    It is not a fair argument to say that if we object, we just should not watch it. I object to eating chicken bones, so I leave them on my plate at dinner. My personal tastes do not include pickles on burgers, so I remove them. I hope fast food chains don’t try to sue me for altering their burgers. Oh wait… they cater in order to save customers. Dear Big Movie Companies, please let me have it my way. It’s better for you that way, too.
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    Sign the petition: #SAVEFILTERING
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    Charles Dodd
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    We highly value the ability to filter content, because there is so much vulgarity, profane, and overt sexuality displayed in movies that we prefer not have in our home. There are numerous movies that I have always wanted to see, but I would not watch, because of some objectionable material in them. However, we can now enjoy the these great works of art without having to be subjected to the objectionable material. If it wasn’t for VidAngel I would have never paid to watch them.
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    Hey guys! Don't let hollywood shut down filtering! Sign Vidangels petition! It will only take a second! #SAVEFILTERING
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    Cody Bateman
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    I love VidAngel for my family!
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    We love Vidangel. It allows our family to watch movies that we otherwise would not watch because of inappropriate content. Since we started using Vidangel, we have watched a number of uplifting, classic movies (Shindler’s List, Shawshank Redemption, Good Will Hunting) that we had never seen before because of the content. We hope we can continue to use it
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    Save filtering!
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