#SaveFiltering is a petition campaign comprised of families from diverse backgrounds and walks of life, united by one purpose: to #SaveFiltering. Content filtering technology from companies such as VidAngel empowers your right as a parent to protect yourself and your family from violence, explicit language, and sexual content in TV shows and movies and is protected Under the Family Movie Act (FMA).

Disney, Fox and Warner Brothers would like to take that right away from you and have launched a lawsuit that could bring an end content filtering companies. In this specific instance, we’re asking all Hollywood studios to work out a deal with VidAngel outside of court that affords the consumer (you) exactly what you want. Namely great entertainment that puts parents just like you in the driver's’ seat, empowering you to consume your content at home in a way that works best for your family.




Content filtering technology empowers parents to protect their kids by removing curse words, sex, and violence from the movies and TV shows they watch at home. There are a number of services that offer this; our favorite is a company called VidAngel that enables us to filter on almost all of the modern devices we use every day.

If Hollywood has their way, services like these may come to end, as a handful of studios seek to shut down VidAngel.

We are not legal experts, but here is what we do know.

VidAngel legally operates under the The Family Movie Act (FMA), passed over a decade ago by Congress.

The Family Movie Act will permit companies to offer, without fear of violating copyright or trademark law, products or services that enable parents to skip over objectionable content during home viewing of movies. The express exemption from liability is narrow – it applies only so long as no fixed version of the altered movie is created, and no audio or video content is added to replace the objectionable content. Source: Analysis of the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act of 2005

Because this kind of content is harmful to kids, the American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association were strong supporters of the measure. But Disney and much of Big Hollywood were opposed to the law at the time, and it seems they still feel that way.

That means no filtered movies for families for years? How does that help families?

Is Hollywood really going to overlook 57 million Americans who want to filter movies? Why are they bent on thwarting all family-friendly filtering technology? As consumers and more specifically, as parents, you have the right to choose clean, wholesome, uplifting entertainment the way you want it! Add your name to the petition, ask Hollywood to call off the lawsuit and work out an agreement with VidAngel.

Who is Running the #SaveFiltering Campaign?



The #SaveFiltering campaign was started Bryan and Diane Schwartz are co-founders of Family Goals, a non-profit dedicated to applying the lessons of sports toward creating winning families. They believe that, with the right game plan and consistent training, every family can achieve new levels of excellence, happiness, and influence.

As a second round pick in the NFL draft, Bryan enjoyed a successful career as a middle linebacker with the Jacksonville Jaguars for five years. Diane also was a successful two sport college athlete and NCAA All-American volleyball player. Married for twenty-one years with seven children, Bryan and Diane took the key lessons they both learned in sports and life and applied them toward a successful family environment. As people learned about this shared passion, the Schwartz's were asked to coach other families. With increased demand for this approach, Bryan and Diane trained more and more families, and decided to co-write a Family Goals Playbook to empower families everywhere.

The couple served as chaplains for the Colorado Rockies from (2009-2014), were on the board of the National Prayer Center for years in Washington, DC., and participate in leadership events across the country. They live in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.

What can You do to help #SaveFiltering?

Many of you have stated that without VidAngel, you simply would not consume content from these studios. We know that there are hundreds of thousands of you out there and we need your collective voices to be heard! Here's how you can help immediately:

  1. Add your signature the petition and make your voice heard

  2. Like our Facebook page and follow our Twitter for updates

  3. Spread the word to all of your friends, family and sphere of influence, it affects them too!

  4. Donate to the cause and help us reach our goal. 100% of donations go towards creating awareness for this cause to people just like you.

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