When watching entertainment on VidAngel, one of the filters our family regularly utilizes is the profanity filter.  In our house our children range from age 20 down to age 7, so in order for us to watch a movie as a family compromises must be made.  

Does profanity really have an affect on us?  I do not have the research data to really give an educated answer from a psychological vantage point, but I can tell you what profanity is and what it is not.  Profanity is defined as blasphemous or obscene language.  To profane something, on the other hand, is to treat something or someone with irreverence or disrespect.  

As a leader in our family one of my primary roles and goals is to protect my family while striving to create a culture of honor and respect.  My family is a precious gift from God, one He specifically set apart for me to enjoy and cherish until I die. 

To profane something God has gifted to us, is to treat that gift as if it is common or ordinary when He desires it to be treated with reverence and respect.  When we filter our movies, my wife and I are making a value statement to our kids, declaring to them, "We honor and respect you too much to let you watch or hear things that can devalue the gift that you are to us."  Profanity, nudity, blasphemy, violence, etc. all carry the potential to profane our children, so we exercise discretion when it comes to what we watch and listen to.  

I think we all need a "profanity filter" in our lives that alerts us to when we are treating each other with irreverence and disrespect. Our goal should be to treat one another with honor and respect.  Filtering our movies is one way we can practically attach value to each other as family members.  

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