Why I Will Fight to Filter

So why VidAngel? Why sign this petition at all? Because we live in the information age. Our lifeblood is Facebook updates, chat videos, football games, reality TV shows and action movies on the weekends. Media overwhelms us. Molds us. At times, more than we would like to admit.  

Movies, music, and media all have a powerful, even psychological, hold on us. A song once sung is not easily forgotten. 20 years later and I can still belt a Bon Jovi ballad sans bloopers. (Although, the rest of my family is "Living On A Prayer" that I will stop.) The same can be said for all Movies and Television shows. It's impossible to ignore the chant of "Rudy, Rudy," as the hero trots towards the field, or forget the image of Darth Vader's wrinkled, white, sun-starved face after he finally speaks with Luke. How about Andy Dufresne emerging from the Shawshank prison covered in sewage and lifting his hands as the rain pours down, a symbol of freedom? Can you forget those scenes? No, certainly not. And VidAngel realizes the vast impact that movies  have on every aspect of life. And they want everyone to enjoy those blood-pumping, life-changing, riveting scenes.

As a Dad to seven, I am so grateful that my 7 year old son can enjoy the same movie that my 16 year old daughter can, as I know the scenes he is seeing can impact his life years down the road. My main mission as a father is to protect and empower my children by preserving the purity of my family.  Through VidAngel, my kids don't have to sacrifice their sensitivity, and I don't have to sacrifice my values, in order to experience cinema. VidAngel doesn't simply filter, rather they allow you to expose the raw excellence within films and get a firm grip on the power of a story line that could very well change your life. 

Before you sign the petition go to VidAngel.com and watch a movie with the ability to filter…scroll down the filters and simply look at what you will potentially be exposed to.  At least you will have the power of choice to filter or not to.  In our family we having varying degrees of sensitivity, so we are able to customize our movie viewing experience.  The other night I watched Zero Dark 30 with my 20 year old daughter and my 16 year old daughter.  As we were deciding what filters to implement, my 16 year old said, “Dad keep the violence” (a proud moment for a former NFL linebacker dad).  We were able to agree that we would cut out the profanity but keep the violence that was vital to the plot of the movie.  If after watching a VidAngel streamed movie, you have a positive experience, hop back on this website and sign the petition.  Thanks for checking in and joining the movement.  Bryan



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