Faith In Film

Our family is part of the consumer demographic. What do I mean by this? Well, I don’t create films. I certainly have no intentions to do so. I am very content to suck on the life-blood of Hollywood, as I know it isn’t my calling to produce media. However, as a husband to a supportive, beautiful wife and a father to seven, I have to be a passionate consumer. Passionate because I am aware of the reality that my “consumerism” affects not only me, but also my entire family. Passionate because I demand excellence and  quality. Passionate because I want films that impact me, challenge  me to be a better father, husband, child of God.  I want the O- movies; movies accepted on all fronts that produce life. Quite frankly, I am a sucker for a well-made movie.

The yellow-brick road leading to a satisfactory movie isn’t paved solely with special effects or pristine cinematography. For me quality films need to portray two essential qualities: faith and fertility. The first is relatively self-explanatory. The second one, which may lead to various connotations, will be explained later. As a Christian, I recognize that no time is lost time. Not even a movie theater is nugatory. I desire films that build my faith. Draw me closer to an experience with God. I want no time lost; time is valuable to me. It is a gift to be stewarded. This is why I am so very excited and encouraged that Hollywood has been targeting the faith driven audience by producing solid, inspirational films that can also move my soul. These films need to be supported, viewed, and praised in order to encourage their prevalence.

But I am only mortal, and that morality is constituted of both soul and mind. I also want a movie that makes me think. I desire a movie that softens my mind and plants a seed of change, and hope. A seed that sprouts from a tiny thought into an action. And as much as I dislike admitting it, I often times don’t come out with a soft, fertile mind after viewing a Christian movie. My spirit is stirred, but my senses aren’t. What do I do when I want to be a victorious gladiator, but I’m stuck facing a begrudging giant? Is it selfish to desire a fusion of both faith and fertility? How can I be in the world and not of it?

Solutions are few, and the search for balance can often times be overwhelming. But as a Dad who is used to playing Hide-and-go-seek, I revel in the joy of finding my treasured child. A hidden gem. The hidden-gem in my family’s treasure hunt is VidAngel. It promotes the amalgamation of faith and thought. Its concept is simple; and that is a must, because with seven kids I really have little time to think. Through VidAngel I am able to filter out what I don’t want to see, and leave in the epic scenes that I want my whole family to experience. Yes, I will continually support Christian, faith based films because I know that they are impacting culture. But I am also impacting my own culture, the next generation.  So I value both sides of the equation. I need to feed my kids’ faith in God, but also help their minds grow; and quite frankly those two criteria aren’t in a PG movie. I don’t want to dumb my kids down, I have to raise them up. No time is lost time, and VidAngel has made my time count for more by doing the bleeping for me.

Written by the Schwartz family, Family Goals

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    Thank you all for your support!


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